Our Values

In our effort to help students know Christ, grow in Christ, and sow Christ we employ the following values to guide our ministry practice:



Our first central value is that we want to make it extremely clear what the Gospel is, and why it is the only thing worth building your life upon. We believe the Gospel is the ABC's of Christianity and we daily need to remind ourselves of the good news of what God did for us on the cross. Each Wednesday and Sunday you can expect a lesson about what God did for us first, and how we love in response.


Our second central value is that we want students to come into group with the ability to be honest about their life and faith. We create an environment where a student can share anything and everything going on including their doubts, trials, struggles, and disbeliefs. We won't be shocked by anything, and we want students to know that while we will always point them back to the Gospel, we don't expect them to have it together. We want to meet them at a place of honesty, because we believe an honest heart is one that God works with.


Our final central value is that of training. It is our heart that students are equipped to become leaders in our ministry or at the church they attend in college by the time of their graduation. We make as much space as possible for students to lead and serve in the ministry. This ranges from greeting, to worship, and sometimes even teaching.