Hola from Loja!

After a full day of traveling, we finally made it to Loja and are getting settled in. 

On Thursday evening, the 14 of us said "goodbye" to our friends and family and hit the road to LAX. We were blessed to make it quickly through check-in and security at LAX and found ourselves exploring the international terminal. 



Once we were on our late night flight to Panama we were in for a rare treat. We got a brief light show as we got to watch a thunderstorm below the clouds light up the night sky. 


In the early morning, we woke up in a different country and realized that we needed to move quickly to make our next flight. On the flight to Ecuador we quickly learned why we were praying for calm winds. We experienced some turbulence but it was only a preview of what was to come. 


After landing in Quito, and spending some time exploring, we soon found ourselves boarding our final flight. Boy, were we in for a surprise! 



We spent the flight bouncing up and down and we were pushed around by the wind as the plane cut through the clouds. Despite being a quick flight, we were very happy to back on the ground. 



At the airport we were warmly greeted by Sheryl and Murray and made our way to our taxis for another adventure. The taxi ride into the city was beautiful driving up the winding mountain, and seeing the lush landscape was a treat dispite the light rain. 



Once at the missions center, we all settled in with a home-cooked meal and some fellowship time. 

Desiree Hernandez