Church Sunday and New Experiences!


After our 7:30 breakfast we gathered together to dive into our daily devotions led by Erik. Church started at 10:00 which gave us extra time to walk around the market and buy some Ecuadorian bracelets and journals.

Before the main church service started, Karli and Erik shared their testimonies with the high school kids and Justin and Lili had the opportunity to do the same thing with the university students. 

Even though there was an obvious language barrier between our group and the native speakers at the church, we were still able to worship with the same enthusiasm and love. Even with limited resources they made the best of what they had and enjoyed worshiping their Lord and Savior to the fullest.

After taking a few taxies to lunch at Mama Lolas, we waited anxiously for our food to come out and most importantly, the guinea pig! Relatively everyone tried the guinea pig with mixed reactions. Nadia believed it was similar to corned beef, while other s thought it tasted gamey and a bit salty. 


A few pictures of the happy group after lunch.


There was a few hours of downtime after lunch, which people used to catch up on a couple hours of needed rest, before the college group (Alpha y Omega) met for fellowship, testimonies, food and games. 

Erik Padilla